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TRUST TRADE is a leading importer and dealer of international firearms, ammunition and firearm accessories in the country today. Founded in 1988, our network based in Metro Manila has rapidly grown into several branches and over 100 sub-dealers nationwide – a clear demonstration of our thrust to give each and every Filipino the best defense. We are a consistent top-seller, meeting the needs of the police, law enforcers, military and civilians for individual, wholesale and institutional transactions. We have become the dealer of choice for many who look for quality products provided by a company they can trust.


In order to empower every Filipino with quality choices, we concentrate on a limited number of quality brands across different price ranges.

In April 1994, we obtained Sole Distributorship of Taurus Armas S.A. and have kept its representation since then.

We hold the Sole Distributorship of GLOCK Safe Action Pistols since 2008. We were chosen to successfully represent GLOCK in the Philippine National Police (PNP) in 2006. In 2012, TRUST TRADE won the bidding at the PNP for 59,904 GLOCK 17 pistols, with a repeat purchase of 14,975 pieces, bringing the total transaction to 74,879 pistols — one of the biggest in GLOCK’s law enforcement procurement history. In 2017, TRUST TRADE won another bidding for GLOCK 17 pistols of the Armed Forces of the Philippines — another one of the biggest in GLOCK’s military purchase record.

In 2008, we started offering Kimber pistols as an Authorized Distributor of the manufacturer.

In January 2009, Magtech/ CBC appointed us as its Sole Distributor for Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales.

In 2010, Armed Shotguns enlisted us as Sole Distributor.

In 2017, TRUST TRADE was awarded Sole Distributorship of CAA MCK.

Come 2022, we became the Sole Distributor of Rossi.

This 2023, we started Authorized Distributorship of Springfield Armory.


Valuing the integrity of our name, we always adhere to government regulations and practice the highest standards of business ethics. Trustworthiness is paramount to the name TRUST TRADE. We are armed with highly trained personnel eager to provide our customers with personal service before and after the sale, be it to inform or give advice about product specifications, or the particular firearm best suited for one’s personal needs. Further, we offer warranty on our products against factory defects.


As an advocate of self-defense, the right to life and responsible gun ownership, we give customers the lowest possible prices to ensure the realization of our commitment to guarding and defending the Filipino from crime.

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